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GPS Tracking

Detailed Reports

No pictures

Waivable Enrollment Fee*

15 Minute Visit

$22.00 - as needed

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GPS Tracking

Detailed Reports


Waivable Enrollment Fee*

25 Minute Visit

$26.00 - as needed

Blue Ribbon

GPS Tracking

Detailed Reports


Waivable Enrollment Fee*

35 Minute Visit

$29.00 - as needed

Best In Show

GPS Tracking

Detailed Reports


Waivable Enrollment Fee*

45 Minute Visit

$33.00 - as needed

Saturday & Sunday

After 5PM

Same Day Booking

Available per special request for a $20 fee

+$10 per visit
walks scheduled for 5pm or later

+$15 per visit
walks scheduled after 7am
the day of the visit

Same day bookings

We have walkers and managers on call from 7am to 9pm Monday through Friday.

As long as you're able to cancel before the walker arrives, you will not be charged any fees.

Unlike other dog walking companies, Smart Paws doesn't require minimum weekly visits, and our walks stay the same rate no matter how many you need. Schedule walks when you need them!

Have 2 or 3 dogs? We don't charge extra for additional pets. Our time is your time no matter how many pets you might need us to take care of.

Monday through Friday you can schedule visits at any time, including the day of the visit, and we'll do everything we can to accommodate it!

Your pets will have our full attention for every visit. We only provide private one-on-one dog walks.

We accept most major credit cards, including Discover. Save your card details to your online profile and have your invoices paid automatically.

Schedule, cancel, edit, and review dog walks online or through our mobile app. Receive push notifications and comments regarding each visit from your walker.


Mon - Fri

Transparent online billing

No minimum visit requirements

No cancellation fees

No Additional Dog Fees

Online scheduling & Reports

Private Dog Walks

Same day bookings

All walks include

*Waivable New Client Enrollment Fee:

New clients are responsible for a one time new client enrollment charge of $25 when you sign up for service. This fee will be waived if you schedule recurring visits for the same days and times every week within your first month at Smart Paws OR either you or Smart Paws determines your pet(s) will not be a good candidate for our services. The fee covers:

  • Behavioral analysis of your pet(s) to ensure they are good candidates for dog walking / pet sitting.

  • Our new client coordinator meets you and your pets, takes detailed notes of your pet(s) which are all uploaded to your online profile

  • Key processing, nondescript key tagging, and storage.

  • Customized QR code magnet.

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