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Meet our Team!

Emilee Toureene

Dog Walker

Emilee joins us from what some may call Chicago’s baby brother, Milwaukee, Wisconsin! She’s been here a mere 6 months but found her furry friends right away. Emilee is studying communications in hopes of one day doing something in PR/Marketing! Outside of work, Emilee loves to preform. If she’s not out and about snuggling your dogs, she's somewhere singing Broadway tunes! Emilees favorite Smart Paws pup is Hank! Not only is he nice and close to our office, but he is such a sweet bundle of joy!

Erika Krak

Dog Walker

Erika joins us from Woodstock, IL! She’s been in Chicago a year and she's fitting right in. When she’s not hanging with her favorite pups, she loves to paint, draw, and write! She enjoys writing poems and stories as a way to kill time. Such a creative girl! She is currently studying Criminal Justice and Criminology, and has hopes of becoming a federal wildlife officer someday. She has a very squeaky guinea pig, Midnight! Full of veggies and sas. Erikas favorite Smart Paws pup is Marshal! He’s got quite a sense of humor and loves to play with his walkers!

Owen McIntee

Dog Walker

Owen joins the Smart Paws team from Grand Rapids, Michigan. When asked who his favorite pup to walk was, Owen nearly imploded from trying to pick - but decided his connection with Champ was just TOO real to ignore. They're both HUGE Batman fans (Owen rocks a Batman hat while Champ rocks a Batman collar), and they're both willing to eat just about anything! Okay, thank god Owen draws the line at poo though. LOOKING AT YOU CHAMP! Gross, dude. Despite this, Owen and Champ have become fast friends.

Outside of Smart Paws, Owen enjoys comedy writing and acting! He spent three years performing as part of his college's improv troupe, and occasionally dabbles in stand up. When he's not walking dogs like a pro or making people laugh like a pro he's probably binge watching Netflix and drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee. No judgement, Owen, no judgement. All the more energy to play with some pups!

Ramona Demotto

Dog Walker

Ramona joins us from Chula Vista, CA! She’s been in the Windy City for 3 years, and when she's not here at Smart Paws she dabbles in some awesome art! Ramona is primarily a printmaker/ book maker, but as of right now she is trying her hand at conceptual quilting. When she’s not creating amazing things, she is diving into queer theory text and audio! If you want to follow her creating journey you can find her on Instagram at @tunalawsuit. Similar to her taste in art, she couldn’t possibly choose her favorite Smart Paws pet. A few highlights were Tabby, London, Jango, Ruby. After some contemplation, though, she decided her ABSOLUTE favorite doggo is Jupiter! She is so smart, funny, and cute! We get it, Ramona, we can’t choose either!

Chris Garcia

Dog Walker

Meet Chris! She is a Chicago native, but has bounced between a few states. When she's not walking here at Smart Paws, Chris works as a zookeeper! So cool, right? She also enjoys playing hockey and riding horses. She has her own pup, Gryffin, a kitty named Dakota, and her very own horse called Rushmore. The love for animals really runs in the family here! Chris’s favorite dog is our girl Shoelace, she is just the sweetest thing and always has so much fun on their walks!

Olivia Wilbur-Caswell

Administrative Assistant

Olivia comes all the way from warm, sunny Los Angeles! She’s been here a mere few months, but found her perfect pet loving job right away! When she’s not here at Smart Paws, you can find her lounging on her couch binging Netflix with her kitties, Vesper and Le Chiffre. I spy a James Bond fan!  When she’s feeling a tad more social you can find her exploring the city and finding the best happy hours! She grew up with her own personal zoo full of dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, and more. Olivia’s favorite Smart Paws pups have to be Luna and Leif. Those fluffy friends could steal anyone’s heart!

Jorie Perlman

Meet Jorie Perlman. Jorie is from Buffalo Grove, but now lives in Smart Paws territory - AKA Wrigleyville. Jorie has many regular clients that she walks everyday, but Barli, the gentle giant Bernese Mountain dog is one of her favorites. One rainy day while walking Barli, the two noticed a squirrel off in the distance. Barli is generally a slow, lumbering lady (it's hard to be a big dog, fa sho), but of course right as Jorie looked down to change the song she was listening to Barli JETTED off toward the squirrel. Jorie was pulled along with Barli - along with a huge golf-sized umbrella in her right hand, and her phone and the leash in her left hand - and both were sent tumbling in the mud! Was the squirrel worth it Barli, WAS IT? Needless to say, Barli will not be underestimated ever again.

When Jorie isn't going sprinting with Barli, she loves going to concerts and music festivals. She spends a lot of time listening to her dad's old records and cooking, and is currently applying for grad schools to pursue her Masters in Counseling Psychology!

Trevor Mull

Trevor hails from Grand Rapids Michigan and moved to Chicago about 2 years ago to attend college at Depaul University! When Trevor isn't out walking pups, he enjoys hanging out with friends and taking bike rides around the city. Trevor thinks that there's nothing like a nice cruise down the Lakeshore during Chicago summertime and we agree! He has two family dogs of his own (a Chocolate Lab named Luna and a Golden Doodle named Lily) who he absolutely adores and misses them endlessly while he's away at school! Good thing he's got his Smart Paws buddies to keep him company.


Trevor's favorite dog to walk with Smart Paws would have to be Leo Sexton. Leo is his top candidate because of his spunky attitude, and his gorgeous good looks! Trevor and Leo have enjoyed many an evening stroll together, and they look forward to many more.

Greg Doherty

Meet Greg, Greg is another one of our home grown sitters, coming from the Bridgeport area of Chicago. Greg is all about bonding with each and every dog he walks (including Crazy Castiel pictured above), but when a dog loves you off the the bat that just makes the job ten times easier! Snap is one of Greg's regulars, and this fluffy girl rolls over for a belly rub as soon as Greg walks in the room. The pre-walk belly rub has become a daily ritual for these two, and they wouldn't have it any other way!


Greg enjoys watching movies, swimming, and watching sports when he's not working - namely basketball. In his own words, "I'm a die hard Bulls fan!"

Shiloh Purkey

Shiloh joins us ALLLL the way from Tulsa, OK (where the wind comes sweeping down the plains, etc.). In her off time she's usually playing video games or reading, but she also moonlights with a few theatre companies around town! When asked who her favorite Smart Paws pupper to walk was, she struggled but HAD to go with big girl Barli! She's the biggest, softest baby and she's really snagged Shiloh's heart. When Shiloh first started walking her and her brother Chance (short for Chance the Crapper), Chance was always the first one to the gate and Barli would just watch from the couch. Now Barli is the welcoming committee! She turns in circles and flops down against whoever enters, looking up with smiles, and better yet -  she loves holding hands. When she's doing what most Bernese do and really doesn't feel like walking, the two just lay on the ground in the sun soaking up rays together. Is your heart melted yet? Ours is.

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Gina Scaletta

Office Manager

Meet Gina! Gina is our homegrown Office Manager - coming from the neighborhood of Mayfair Park. Gina the G has been walking one of our tiniest and oddly named pups since the beginning - Shoelace. Shoelace and Gina have a bond that's hard to break, mainly because that bond is Gina's hair in Shoelace's mouth. Shoelace LOVES chewing and Gina is trying to grow out her hair - basically they're a match made in heaven.


In addition to being a human chew toy, Gina volunteers at her local church and works with the blind and visually impaired by helping them learn to live on their own. On the real though, when Gina isn't saving lives she enjoys eating large pizzas and not going to the gym afterwards.

Gillian Scaletta

Field Manager

That's right, Scaletta. You may recognize that last name because Gina, our Office Manager, is her big sister! What can we say, their love for the pups runs in their blood. Like her sister, Gillian was born and raised in Chicago. 


Outside of work, Gillian is interested in sculpture and contemporary art. But mainly, she bores her friends with stories about the dogs she walks! In particular, she has had the pleasure of watching over our favorite foursome - Minnie, Coal, Payson, and Winston. Each of the four dogs definitely has their own distinct personality, but Gillian loves how Payson has started a ritual of sitting on the porch and watching Gillian and the other three dogs play! He just likes to look down upon his peasants, that's all. 

Carley Hitt

Dog Walker

Carly has been in Chicago for 3 years, but she joins us from Midland, Michigan! When she’s not here walking, you can find Carley in school. She is a senior at Loyola University studying History, Marketing, and Sustainability Management. She hopes to one day help businesses adopt sustainable business practices which will support them financially while supporting our environment. When Carley isn’t hitting the books, she enjoys reading and playing ultimate frisbee as the Women's Club Ultimate Team Captain! When we asked Carley who her favorite Smart Paws dog was, it was an easy one for her! Shoelace took the cake on this one for her sweet and cuddly personality.

Nico Kruger

Dog Walker

Nico joins us from sunny Arizona! He’s been in Chicago for 7 months, and quickly found his way over to Smart Paws for some new furry friends. When Nico isn’t out and about walking, you can find him collaborating with fellow artists and friends on some fun new projects and artwork! Nico is an actor who graduated from a theatre program last year. Aside from developing his acting career, he hopes to one day become a massage therapist! He’s got two kitty babies who love naptime and cuddles. When he’s not hanging with his pets, he loves to spend time with his favorite pup, George! Sweet, generous, well-behaved- George is the perfect buddy. Pets are just as much a part of your family and express the same kind of love and connection that can help anybody through hard times, and Nico would like to thank the parents that let him hang out with their incredible children!

Joanie Giacobbe

Dog Walker

Joanie joins Smart Paws from Bloomingdale, IL, and moved to Chicago two years ago to explore the music scene! Joanie has loved seeing live music for as long as she can remember and we're totally on board with her decision to come hang out in this great city. When Joanie isn't spending time with your furry children, you can find her binge watching cooking and game shows! She's seen every episode of family feud, cut throat kitchen, and jeopardy probably 14 times. We're impressed. Joanie also loves attempting to bake new things at least once a week and is constantly wowing her boyfriend and dog with her culinary concoctions!  

Joanie's had to think long and hard about which Smart Paws pet was her favorite since she loves them all so much, but eventually, she settled on Oliver! Oliver's gentle yet spunky attitude makes him number one in Joanie's heart and they ALWAYS have a blast together! We hope you enjoy the above photo of Oliver giving Joanie a smooch as much as we do.

Max Rasmussen

Dog Walker

Max joins us from Detroit, Michigan! When he’s not here at Smart Paws, you can find Max creating. He's a writer and filmmaker, and he enjoys cooking and running in his spare time! He’s currently in school for film production. With no pets of his own, Max gets his daily dog full with all our furry friends! When we asked Max who his favorite Smart Paws pup was, he chose a surprising one; Otto! Otto is quite standoffish and pretty hard to crack, but once you win him over it’s so rewarding. So much love and affection!

Maggie Orlowska

Dog Walker

Maggie joins us all the way from Poland! She’s been in Chicago for 13 years, and has loved every second. When she‘s not snuggling all our pups, she studies Chemistry and Biology in the hopes of becoming a research scientist! In her free time, Maggie enjoys attending concerts and skating with her friends. She;s got an adorable little floof, Buddy. Even though he barks like crazy, we still love him! When we asked for her favorite dog, there's no way she could choose just one. Some star players are Taser, Sophie, George, Bleecker, and Tito!

Anjali Mannam

Anjali joins Smart Paws from Grand Blanc, Michigan. When asked to divulge her favorite Smart Paws pet she LITERALLY could not choose. Part of the beauty of this job is that you get to see SO many different animals each day. It's impossible to put one over the other! We feel you Anjali, they're all pretty perfect.

When she's not spreading the love for Smart Paws, Anjali is probably spending time with family and friends or in class! Since she's currently working toward her Masters in Public Health at Loyola, she's a pretty busy lady! Looking for a walker who can teach your pup a thing or two about the public health system while on a walk? Anjali is your girl! 

Olivia Frisch

Olivia joins the Smart Paws team from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She recently had her very first Chicago anniversary! She left behind her childhood home complete with three dogs coming here, so working with dogs was absolutely NECESSARY for her! When she isn't working for us and getting her fill of cuddles, you can find her killing her level five courses over at the iO Theater. She's also currently in rehearsals for Odd's Bodkins' production of Macbeth, where she plays all the young folks (Fleance, Donalbain, and Macduff's son). Can you say #FAMOUS?

​Of course Olivia loves all her Smart Paws babes, but if she had to pick a favorite it'd be a toss up between Rebel the goldendoodle, Jakob (our newest Rottie puppy!), and Missy. In her own words, "they exude happiness and love". Clearly, Olivia is living her best life out here!

Lauren Daukus

Administrative Assistant

Lauren is a Chicago lifer, born and raised in the city. In addition to working with our Smart Paws pets she ALSO moonlights as an Animal Care Specialist at the Shedd Aquarium. I promise I'm not kidding, she legitimately works with the penguins and otters! What a dream. Outside of work, Lauren loves to spend time with her personal pup, Dory! Dory is a rescue who used to work at the Shedd with Lauren, and reminds her every day how happy she is to live in a home by greeting her at the door with a stuffed animal in mouth. TOO CUTE! In her animal-less time, Lauren is usually reading (she re-reads the Harry Potter series at least once a year, NO SHAME!), or at the lake swimming or paddle boarding. 

Lauren's favorite Smart Paws partner in crime is Daphne! Not only is Daphne a crazy, lanky, wacko (who kind of looks strangely like a deer?) - she also melts Lauren's heart when she finds a stick that is particularly exciting. Lauren also likes Daphne because she more than likely reminds her of her own family pup, pictured above. Ranger is her INCREDIBLY spoiled 100 lb lap dog, who currently boasts a collection of about 30 beloved plush toys. Whatta life. 

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