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Smart Paws Chicago Ltd agrees to provide dog walking services to the client in a reliable, trustworthy, and caring manner. Pet comfort and safety, and the security of your home are the cornerstones of Smart Paws Chicago. Smart Paws Chicago provides at-home pet care while owners are away or for owners who need a helping hand. Whether you go on vacation, a business trip, need a midday visit to walk, feed, cuddle, or medicate your pet, Smart Paws Chicago can do it when you cannot. Smart Paws Chicago agrees not to walk other dogs at the same time unless instructed to do so by the client.


Please note that Terms of Agreement are subject to reasonable changes and amendments which may be implemented from time to time.


The parties agree that they shall not disclose any terms and conditions contained in this agreement to any other party and shall keep same confidential between them.


1. I authorize Smart Paws Chicago to perform dog walking or pet sitting services as outlined above and in Client Profile, Pet Profile(s), and Policies and Procedures, which shall become part of this contract.


2. I authorize Smart Paws Chicago to obtain any emergency veterinary care that may be necessary during the time spent with my pet(s). I accept responsibility for any charges related to this emergency care. I also authorize Smart Paws Chicago to utilize an alternative veterinarian in the event my primary veterinarian is unavailable. Every effort will be made by Smart Paws Chicago to contact me prior to obtaining emergency care.


3. Smart Paws Chicago accepts no responsibility for security of the premises or loss if other individuals have access to the home during the term of this agreement.


4. Dog walking and pet sitting will be performed only by Smart Paws Chicago during all assignments unless prearranged with client.


5. I agree to reimburse Smart Paws Chicago for any additional fees for providing emergency care, as well as any expenses incurred for unexpected transportation, housing, food, or supplies.


6. Smart Paws Chicago agrees to provide the services stated in this agreement in a reliable, trustworthy, and caring manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against Smart Paws Chicago, its employees, its contractors, or assigns, except those arising from proven deliberate negligence of the pet sitter.


7. Smart Paws Chicago will not be liable for the injury, disappearance, death, or fines of any pet(s)

with unsupervised access to the outdoors.


8. Client will be responsible for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to the pet sitter or other persons by the pet(s). Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Smart Paws Chicago in the event of a claim by any person injured by the pet(s).


9. It is expressly understood that Smart Paws Chicago shall not be held responsible for any damage to client’s property, or that of others, caused by client’s pet(s) during the period in which they are in its care.


10. I attest to the fact that all licenses and vaccinations required by the State of Illinois, the City in which I reside, and/or Cook County are current according to the law.


I have reviewed and agree to Smart Paws Chicago Ltd Terms of Agreement.


I have read and agree to the aforementioned Policies and Procedures which are a part of this agreement.


I understand that I will be provided with a copy for my records during the Meet & Greet


This agreement will remain valid for current and future service, with the exception of any agreed to changes in fees, frequency, or total number of visits.






Please note that Policies and Procedures are subject to reasonable changes and amendments which may be implemented on an as-needed basis.


New Clients: An in-home consultation is required prior to reservations for all new clients. We must meet you and your pet(s) and assess your needs before we make a commitment to providing your pet(s) care. During this initial meeting we will also review and complete forms and agreements. Please have the online client and pet profiles completed for this initial consultation if possible.


Visit Times: Walkers and pet sitters are encouraged to arrive within an hour of the scheduled visit. For example, if a visit is scheduled at 1pm the walker should arrive between 12pm and 2pm.


Keys: Smart Paws Chicago will pick up two copies of your house key when the service agreement is signed. Smart Paws Chicago will retain your house key unless you request otherwise. Keys are kept in a secured lock system and are coded for customer confidentiality. The client may pick up/drop off their keys from the office anytime during business hours. A $10 charge will apply if Smart Paws Chicago is required to deliver keys to a drop off location. If you choose to leave your keys with a building doorman/receptionist you must make sure the building management has a PTE (Permission To Enter) form signed for “Smart Paws Chicago.” Individual employee PTE's will not be allowed.


Reservation Confirmation: Your voicemail, email, and online requests require a reply from Smart Paws Chicago to consider your reservation as confirmed. This ensures that we won't miss your message and your pets will receive their required care. If you are unsure if your visit has been confirmed, you can log on to your online profile to see all scheduled visits.


Cancellations: Cancellations must be made by phone or email. Cancellations can be made up until your sitter has arrived. If you forget to cancel and your sitter arrives at your home, the full price of the service will be charged. If you cancel a part of your scheduled reservation, such as ending the reservation early, you may be responsible for the entire initial reservation fee.


Holiday Surcharge: We can accommodate holiday pet sitting and dog walking. There is an additional fee ranging from $5 to $10 per visit charged on national holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday breaks may also be subject to a holiday surcharge. Holiday bookings can fill up, so make your reservations early. Cancellation policies apply as outlined above.


Last Minute Reservations and Night Walks: Any reservation scheduled after 11PM the night before a visit will be charged a Late Booking fee of $5 per visit. An additional after hours fee of $5 will be applied to any visits scheduled between 7pm and 11pm.


Unplanned fees: Client will reimburse Smart Paws Chicago for restocking of depleted supplies – it is the owner’s responsibility to provide more than adequate amounts of food, litter, treats, medications, flea products and other items needed for complete care of their pets.


Past Due Accounts: Any fees more than 30 days past due may be sent for collections. Client is responsible for all costs of collection.


Smart Paws Chicago reserves the right to deny service or terminate service because of safety concerns, financial issues, or inappropriate circumstances.


Visitors: Please notify Smart Paws Chicago if others (housekeepers, pest control service, realtors, friends, family members, etc.) will have access to your home during your absence. It is understood that the client will notify anyone with access to the home that Smart Paws Chicago’s services have been engaged.


Smart Paws Chicago is not liable and is completely indemnified for any and all liability stemming from the act(s) or failure to act of third parties, whether known or unknown, including but not limited to, friends, neighbors, relatives or other service persons, that shall enter your residence for any purpose while Smart Paws Chicago is caring for your pet(s).


Emergencies: Everyone has them! Feel free to call if an unexpected need arises; we will make every attempt to accommodate your needs for service on short notice depending on our availability. Smart Paws Chicago networks with other area sitters for this reason and if we can’t fulfill your emergency pet care needs we will try to help you contact a competent professional pet care provider who can.


Unsecured pets: Smart Paws Chicago will not be responsible for free-roaming or outdoor pets in the event of illness, injury, loss or death. It is strongly advised that all pets have some form of permanent ID and that they remain inside the home or confined to a yard or pen for their own safety and welfare in your absence.


It is the pet owner’s sole responsibility to “pet-proof” any areas of the home and/or property to which the pet has access. This includes thoroughly inspecting fences, gates, latches, doors and other devices meant to contain the pet or restrict access to specific areas. The pet sitter does not assume responsibility and has no liability for any injuries the pet may sustain or property damage the pet may cause while in its own home/property.


I have read and agree to the above. I have read and agree to the aforementioned Policies and Procedures Agreement. This agreement will remain valid for current and future service, with the exceptions of any agreed to changes in fees or frequency or total number of visits.


If you have any questions about the Terms of Agreement or Policies and Procedures please don't hesitate to ask.



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